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A completely inventoried auto dismantler providing high quality used parts!

And, ask about our 6 month and 1 year warranty available for every part we sell! 


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Can't find what you need? Call 866-477-3969!  We can find it!

                                                toll free (866) 477-3969 or E-mail

Warranty Information:

All parts carry a 90 day extended limited warranty, unless a long-term parts and/or labor warranty is purchased separately.


ANY AND ALL CLAIMS MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY YOUR ORIGINAL RECEIPT!  Keep your receipt!  It is proof of purchase as well as showing the extent of warranty you have purchased with the part.  This warranty applies to the original purchaser of the part and only as long as the part is still installed in the vehicle for which it was originally purchased for 90 days, or longer if the long-term warranty is purchased.  The warranty is not transferrable.  If any defect is discovered during the warranty period, B & B Auto Parts (here in after referred to as B & B) must be informed immediately.  Defects must be verified and all work under this warranty must be authorized by B & B.  B & B reserves the right to repair, replace, or refund the purchase price of any part at their option.  Such repair, replacement, or refund will satisfy all obligation under this warranty.  Any improper use, abuse, neglect, careless handling, damaged done by improper installation or repairs, or removal of a part from the vehicle in which it was first installed after purchase from B & B shall void this warranty.  Melting of heat tabs installed by B & B, if applicable, will be considered evidence of overheating.  Labor cost, including the cost of moving attached external parts from the purchaser's old part to B & B 's part, seals, gaskets, fluids, and similar supplies are specifically excluded from this warranty.

The liability and obligation of B & B under this warranty shall not include any inconvenience, transportation, towing, labor expense (unless limited installation warranty is purchased), downtime, direct, indirect or consequential damage, or delay resulting from any defect.  This warranty is in lieu of any warranties expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  No action by B & B under this warranty shall extend the original warranty period or alter its obligation.  This warranty gives you specific legal rights.  You may also have other rights which vary from state to state.